The cataphoretic process is the most effective method of anticorrosion protection for metals, widely used and demanded in the automotive industry.

Combined with chemical surface treatment and powder coating, it provides an excellent anti-corrosion protection. Paint particles, thanks to electric charges, reach the furthest corners of the details, protecting both the outside and inside of closed profiles.

In 2019, we opened a modern cataphoretic paint shop, in line with Industry 4.0, designed for the automatic painting of large, heavy welded structures and castings.

Our cataphoretic line consists a system of 16 baths where immersion processes of degreasing, passivation, zinc phosphating, oxsilanizing, cataphoretic painting and  ultrafiltration of paint take place. The applied painting surface is finally polymerized in the oven. 

Two cycles in the heating zone are used to simultaneously dry steel elements and cast iron parts that require long polymerization time.

Cataphoretic painting is a an immersion painting process using electrophoresis.

Maximum dimensions of painted parts: 2500x3000x1200.

Maximum weight of a single batch is 1200 kg.

High efficiency, 25m2/batch combined with painting of large elements.

Own laboratory – process stability and quality confirmed by tests.

Increased corrosion resistance at edges.

Modern technology in preparatory processes.

Use of environmentally friendly solutions – sewage treatment plant, recuperation, etc.

Achievable thickness is 15-45um with a resistance of 1000 hours in a salt chamber.

Automated line in line with Industry 4.0.