ED coating

  The use of the phenomenon of electrophoresis in the immersion process

Cataphoresis is immersion painting system which allows covering the most complex shapes and hard to reach places as the gaps and cavities of the details. It allows obtaining a homogeneous, highly corrosion-resistant coating.

This coating ensures resistance for 1000 hours in natural salt spray chamber with 15-40µm film thickness only. It is also an excellent primer for powder coatings and wet systems.

This method of corrosion protection is the basic technology in the automotive industry. Perfect for painting carbon and coated steels, castings, forgings, stamped materials,.

In the cataphoresis process, before applying the final coating, a conversion coating is applied, usually iron/zinc phosphate or – chromate phosphate (aluminium painting).

  Possible dimensions of painted elements: 2,5m x 3,0m x 1,2m

The size of our baths installed in the varnishing line is an element that distinguishes us from the competition.

We can paint large and complicated welded structures, such as bus frame elements, agricultural and machinery constructions, that requires the highest corrosion protection.

  Maximum weight of a single load: 1,2t

Another unique parameter is line lifting capacity

The maximum weight of one batch is 1200 kg, it makes us lider in the market.

It is ideal for castings, forgings and heavy welded constructions, but also big sets of light components.

  High efficiency combined with large components processing

Working in the tact system means that every 6 minutes, or every 8 minutes we get 25m2 or 1,2t of coated products.

Two independent furnaces circuits makes our ed-coating line universal for various types of components and installation with high performance and best quality. It means that we are able to proceed at the same time with light and heavy or thin and thick elements keeping high performance and the best quality of coated surfaces.

  Own laboratory – quality confirmed by tests

Our laboratory allows us to monitor the stability of our chemical liquids in the process daily.

Laboratory tests allow us to improve surface preparation parameters and select optimal coating parameters to increase the corrosion resistance and durability of the coating while maintaining savings in paint application.

Additionally we are able to perform several test for our customers:

Neutral Salt Spray – ISO 9227

Dust Tape Test – ISO 8502-3

Surface Roughness – ISO 8503-2

Corss Cut – ISO 2409

Cracking and Flacking – ISO 4628-4

…and many others due according – ISO 4628 standard.

  Corrosion protection up to 1000h with a layer thickness of 15 – 40 μm

The thickness of the coating that we can get in our process is between 15 and 40μm while maintaining full coating protection.

That meets all the high requirements of automotive industry manufacturers.

Epoxy paint used in ED-coating process is great primer for applying any technique of top coats.

  Increased corrosion resistance at the edges (Edge Protection System®)

The corrosion protection is as good as its weakest point.

Our line works on the latest PPG product POWERCRON 6200HE®. This paint is characterized by excellent resistance on the edges of the parts.

Using the Edge Protection System, we can achieve a coating thickness of 20μm on the edges.

  Modern technology of detail preparation in special process

The Rosler automatic shot blasting chamber with 16 high-performance guns mounted on the ED coating line means that we get a high-quality multifunctional varnishing system working in tact.

Chemical preparation of the surface is an extremely important factor that affects the quality of the coating.

Two steps decreasing, before and after blasting, provides excellent adhesion and improves ecological aspects by reducing the shot waste.

In the surface preparation process, we use zinc phosphating and additionally the elements are subjected to oxsilanation.

Thanks to this we obtain high adhesion of the coating on the details.

  The use of pro-ecological solutions

A modern paint shop also means high environmental care build in each part of the process.

Our line is equipped with:

– oil separators and oil filter

– filter presses

– low-temperature dryer

– process control automation

– cascade system between scrubbers

– the independent sewage treatment station.

  Automated production line according to the latest trends of industry 4.0

Changes in production processes, also known as Industry 4.0, are happening right before our eyes.

Our line is built according to 4.0 industry philosophy.

This technology has been used on our line.

Full IT control over the process and work of the line, eliminating mistakes that can be made by man.


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